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Knowing about your circumstances can help admissions staff take your achievements into account, and gain a better understanding of your potential in context. ... Your personal statement is a great place to highlight the skills, strengths, and positive attributes your caring responsibility has allowed you to develop. For over 50 years, the Home of Grace has served as a beacon of hope for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Our highly effective, yet greatly affordable program has helped tens of thousands of men and women find freedom from their addiction. Ordering Foothill Transcript Current and Former Students. Starting Feb. 18 , 2020, all current and former Foothill students may order transcripts online through Parchment for only $7, our authorized transcript provider.. Transcripts will be sent electronically or mailed in hard copy, depending on the arrangement with the receiving institution.. Register and Sign Into Parchment Purchase a tutoring package and receive a $50 credit towards an Application or Personal Statement Evaluation and Critique package, $100 off our Start-to-Finish Personal Statement package, or $300 off the Start-to-Finish Application Package. Learn more. PowerScore Student Discount The personal statement can be one of the most stressful parts of the application process because it's the most open ended. In this guide, I'll answer the question, "What is a personal statement?" I'll talk through common college essay topics and what makes for an effective personal statement. Graduate school applications often have prospective students include personal statements. These help admissions committees get to know the person behind each application. A personal statement is a short essay that introduces a grad school candidate and his or her personal reasons for applying to a particular program.

2022.01.20 15:08 sayble12345 Statement of Purpose help/Admissions tips

Hi all,
I'm senior about to graduate with my BS in biology. My GPA is 3.97, and I have done about 13 hours of shadowing a PA. I have worked in biomedical research for about 5 years and have experience doing gross necropsies on our (animal) study models and a lot of experience collecting brain and spinal cords on swine for data analysis.
First off, do I have a good chance of getting into a PA program? Is there anywhere I need to improve? I am all of a sudden completely freaking out that all this work I have done (I went back to finish my bachelors specifically to go to PA school) will be for nothing and I wont get in anywhere.
Second, I'm currently working on an application for WVU and preparing to apply to Tulane. Tulane is my #1 choice. If I don't get into either I plan to take the GRE and apply for more schools later this year when their applications open. Can anyone provide insight on the statement of purpose/shadowing statements or would be willing to look over mine?

Any tips would be super appreciated. Thank you!
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2022.01.20 15:08 Questioned_answers The Science Of Consciousness (Where Science And Religion Meet) {video}When we talk face to face, you create my body in your mind, I create your body in my mind, and together we explore our own mental universes bridged only by consciousness.

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2022.01.20 15:08 Old_Truth6995 (Original video) DANIELLE BREGOLI vs IMWHOAVICKY vs LILTAY FIGHT

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2022.01.20 15:08 Elderly_Student_ RoboHero 🚀 mobile Play2Earn game💰 | Public Sale Incoming | 🔥 IGO on StarTerra | DOXXED TEAM

Robohero 🤖is the first 3D #Play2Earn mobile game 🎮allowing to earn $LUNA and $Robo tokens. It will be #Metaverse on Terra blockchain, featuring NFT integration and PvE and PvP gameplay aspects. 🚀 Doxed Team✨
RoboHero is a new dimension of the metaverse. It’s the first Play to Earn mobile game, based on NFT, fully integrated with Terra blockchain. The game is being created by 3 crypto specialists Jakob Stefanek, Patryk Kempinski and Matt Kula.
Our goal is to provide users with the highest quality gameplay. The game will take place in 31337, after a climatic catastrophe caused by the devastation of the environment, when Robots are fighting each other for life-giving LUNA.
In addition to providing entertainment and fair competition, RoboHero allows earning money, not only by playing but also thanks to the unique DeFi tools:
Each RoboHero faction has created unique pieces of equipment that enhance the attributes
of its bearer. All parts of equipment can be found in chests scattered around the RoboHero world. Legend has it that after completing the entire
set of 3 items, RoboHeroes can evolve to a higher form.
Each player can earn ROBO tokens in the story mode and LUNA in the PVP mode. As much as 30% of the total supply is allocated for gameplay rewards.
Don't have the money to get started? Don't worry, sit back, watch some ads on our app and earn LUNA to your first fight in RoboHero.
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2022.01.20 15:08 DyspraxicRob London: Covid vaccine uptake is so bad these boroughs have worst rates in the UK. Newham is second worst.

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2022.01.20 15:08 MIIAIIRIIK Paris: Funiculaire Montmarte

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2022.01.20 15:08 RevolutionaryNewt252 A at UIUC $$$$

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2022.01.20 15:08 SilenceIsMyPeace A tiny dog sniffing a big dogs butt

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2022.01.20 15:08 cbekel3618 Idea for if Mister Sinister is the villain of the first MCU X-Men movie

I love the idea of the first X-Men film focusing on the debate on if the X-Men and the school should go public, if they should step out of hiding.
Some like Storm believe that younger mutants need someone to look up to and raise awareness about mutant issues, they need someone to represent them to the world.
Others like Professor X and Cyclops believe staying hidden is safer for the school and that good can be done from the shadows.
This is where Sinister comes in. Sinister is someone who benefits from the X-Men staying hidden. He benefits from them not revealing themselves to the public.
Because younger mutants don't know about Xavier and the safe-haven of the school, Sinister uses this to find these mutants and offer them a "home" with him, pretty much preying on these mutants to turn them into his personal experiments.

Xavier and his team know about Sinister, they're trying to stop him, but the general public doesn't know about Sinister or his actions, they don't even recognize that younger mutants are being kidnapped, because the world would rather ignore/hate mutants than help out.
The POV character (either Kitty or Jubilee) can be someone Essex tried to bring in before being found by Xavier. She learns about who Essex is and immediately, freaks out. There is this psychopathic mad scientist going after people and the world is in the dark because Charles doesn't want others to know.
This fuels the debate, would the public be safer if they knew of Essex and the school, or can the X-Men take down Sinister on their own?

Sinister can even compare himself to Xavier. Essex believes Xavier is no better than him, that Xavier views the students as his own personal experiments to mold into his own army.
The finale can have the team realize that to defeat him, they need to bring Essex into the light, and that also means revealing the team to the world. It can be a big scene where one of them (maybe Cyclops speaking to the world through Jean's telepathy) tells the world of Essex but also tells them that there is hope with the school and with the X-Men.
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2022.01.20 15:08 Ricochu__ sometimes i forget how beautiful this game can be.

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2022.01.20 15:08 Sandman_notsoslim Test

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2022.01.20 15:08 redhai7 This review for Adam Sandler’s movie Jack and Jill…

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2022.01.20 15:08 ThatIrishGuuuy Dreams of being a Primitive.

I have had a number of dreams of which I am a primitive recently. This has been around the time of reading Jung discussing the psychology of primitive man.
Most recently I had a dream and would appreciate any feedback as I believe a neutral viewpoint could greatly benefit my understanding.
I am in a very remote rainforest as this group of westerners are explaining to this dark skinned aborigine/indigenous rainforest man (who I was), that the last group of westerners that were here all died, because they could not get water. I felt that this group (who I also felt I was) could die in a similar manner.
The native man began running his hands through the reddish brown dirt create two trough-like lines as it began to rain. He looked up and began catching the rain on his (my) tongue. This was the primitive man’s way of showing the group that this is how to get water and the last group should have done this, by this he meant catching the water on your tongue by looking up when it rains. That doing this would have saved the previous group.
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2022.01.20 15:08 GoopGun If you're going to fuck me on this deal, at least have the decency to give me a god damned OWE

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2022.01.20 15:08 EnderBread__ Akinator's a genius

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2022.01.20 15:08 haber-trend Sıcak! | #Sinop #Ankara #Sinop #Ankara son saatin en çok aranan 14. trend haberi oldu ve an itibarıyla 2 gazetede yer alıyor.

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2022.01.20 15:08 squawkalley SEC filings show sales of $500 million Peloton stock by insiders

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2022.01.20 15:08 pdiddylee Probiotics??

Do you guys take probiotics?? I have read conflicting info online, some doctors say people with immunodeficiencies should avoid probiotics. I have chronic sibo due to my CVID, I also read that people with CVID have different microbiomes in their gut then healthy people (ppl with CVID tend to have more pathogenic bacteria then beneficial ones). So I started drinking kefir, it has only been a day but I feel noticeably worse. Am I just being paranoid, anyone else take probiotics?
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2022.01.20 15:08 bucket--bot is not follow me

and/or feeling of my parents
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2022.01.20 15:08 andre3kthegiant Dude built a community pizza oven for all to use!

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2022.01.20 15:08 thaumogenesis “Austerity, neoliberalism and pro landlord”... meet the ‘opposition’, everyone.

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2022.01.20 15:08 Haleeboo Teddy fresh models

I wish teddy fresh had more size inclusive models 😓 I’m hesitant to buy more items because I don’t know what they look like on a curvier body. I know they are working on being more size inclusive for womens items but it is a little disheartening not to see anyone who looks like me. No hate to Queen Hila ofc 💗
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2022.01.20 15:08 villany007 I started this week with 47 total season quests done, now after compleating all doable ones, i have 47, anyone know why?

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2022.01.20 15:08 ravens_echo12115 I need a life

I need a life
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2022.01.20 15:08 indecentbunny Going for a walk, wanna come?

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