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Gay gay homosexual gay

Best gay bath houses in Newark, NJ. 1. Island Spa & Sauna. “This spa is impressive and very relaxing. It offers so much to do from saunas, hot bath, cold bath ” more. 2. King Spa & Sauna. “ to tie your hair up before entering the pools. Then after the bath part, you go get dressed and explore” more. Find Gay Therapists, Psychologists and Gay Counseling in Ridgewood, Bergen County, New Jersey, get help for Gay in Ridgewood, get help with LGBTQ in Ridgewood. Find Gay Therapists, Psychologists and Gay Counseling in Westfield, Union County, New Jersey, get help for Gay in Westfield, get help with LGBTQ in Westfield. Find Gay Therapists, Psychologists and Gay Counseling in Denville, Morris County, New Jersey, get help for Gay in Denville, get help with LGBTQ in Denville. 1930s-40s: Kinney Club, where "exotic dancer" Reese LaRue performed such shows as Gay Paree. Kinney Club was "the hub of Newark's sporting life," with racially mixed audience, pimps, prostitutes, gamblers, etc. [i] According to Reese LaRue's obituary, August 8, 1985, in the New Jersey Afro American, he had "exciting solo dance routines at the ... Gay Bars. Midtown West, Hell's Kitchen, Theater District. 369 W 46th St. , New York, NY. “ Planned to stay here for one drink last week and ended up staying for hours having a blast with the boys behind the bar. ” In 9 reviews. 9. Metropolitan. Find Gay Support Groups in Montclair, Essex County, New Jersey, get help from a Montclair Gay Group, or Gay Counseling Groups, get help with LGBTQ in Montclair. IPG PAVED THE WAY for other gay affirmative therapists - we started in 1983 specifically to provide therapy to the gay and lesbian community, back when most practitioners thought it was a mental ... Gay is a term that primarily refers to a homosexual person or the trait of being homosexual.The term originally meant 'carefree', 'cheerful', or 'bright and showy'. While scant usage referring to male homosexuality dates to the late 19th century, that meaning became increasingly common by the mid-20th century. In modern English, gay has come to be used as an adjective, and as a noun, referring ... A graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick NJ, Mr. Newkirk was the first openly gay Arts Editor of The Rutgers Daily Targum, the daily newspaper on the New Brunswick campus from 1975-1976. As a college journalist he interviewed Pat Loud of the landmark PBS TV series An American Family, and the actor Divine for The Rutgers Targum.

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2022.01.20 15:13 AidanSeY Social media content

I know recently the social media admins have stepped up a notch and it feels a lot more interactive than in the past but I feel like in terms of bigger clubs we have really minimal content. I know we’re a football team and it’s not exactly a priority for the players and staff but we never have any behind the scenes/challenge/whatever kind of content that is pretty common among most other teams. Idk what anyone else thinks but It I reckon it would be cool to see the players on a more personal level in a different setting than say a post match interview. Just a thought, maybe the club avoids it for a reason.
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2022.01.20 15:13 gabbysonreddit Money Reading

I'm like literally too broke to give anyone money for a reading. My account is extremely overdrawn + I can't afford to buy groceries much less donate for readings. That's why I'd like to exchange free readings.
I don't have reviews on here because I don't do tarot professionally just for friends and personal life. I think I'm good. The people I have done it for resonate with them so whoever wants to take a shot, I'd be willing to return the favour.
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2022.01.20 15:13 C59204 So this round scar on my forehead was actually from a birthmark, what would be the best treatment for this?

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2022.01.20 15:13 Toasttimebitches I’m open! Let me know if you want to visit my humble freebie beach ❤️ don’t need anything but if anyone has an extra of one of those cute bow would wigs or some Sagittarius star frags or recipes I’d be thrilled! ❤️

I’m open! Let me know if you want to visit my humble freebie beach ❤️ don’t need anything but if anyone has an extra of one of those cute bow would wigs or some Sagittarius star frags or recipes I’d be thrilled! ❤️ submitted by Toasttimebitches to NoFeeAC [link] [comments]

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Been trying to get a few stores that are new and popular for a few weeks and they rarely have stock but it goes within minutes!
I think it would be so good to get a notification when a store’s orders are ready to reserve.
What do you guys think?!
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2022.01.20 15:13 GarySmith43 Silver Heart-Shaped Ring Each handmade piece is crafted with the perfect conflict-free alternative to a mined diamond. You can feel good knowing that human life was not sacrificed to make your jewelry.

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2022.01.20 15:13 Luna2469_was_taken i say whatever i want to whoever want at this point

worst case scenario, i get stabbed
oh well
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2022.01.20 15:13 Goos1 My addition to the soup discussion.

Some users and posters were worried about hair being present in the spider climb soup. I would like to be clear and announce that there is no hair in the spider climb soup. In the interest of honestly I'll be posting the ingredients list.
Milk ShopRite® fine-cut void salt Salt McCormick ground cumin Hagraven feathers Butter Imp stool Ancestor Moth wing Water Bowl & Basket Nirnroot®
Additionally Malthazar has been observed wearing a hair and beard net. Thank you everyone for your time, and keep on shopping!
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2022.01.20 15:13 una322 Bots.

ok so i tried just playing against bots for my first few games. Wtf am i doing something wrong in this game or are bots insane? by the time i take a 2nd base to collect resorces, they are on tier 2 or almost 3 and come with loads of units. By the time i hold them back , there back will fully upgraded units , its just crazy.
Id love to actually try and build and have a game that lasts longer than 15min b4 i get destroyed lol.
btw im a long time rts player, pretty good at older rts like cnc , ebfd, dune and generals, but this game i dont get, either that or the bots cheat lol.
like the game so far, feels like alot taken from the canceled gen 2.
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1376 6420 3046
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2022.01.20 15:13 Frostdraken The Shining Knight Saga: Chapter 19 -Sweet and Sour-

Hello there everyone, here is another chapter bringing entertainment to your collective braincells. For your collective reading pleasure, I have a crash course on FTL in the SCU. The SCU uses warp drives to create a bubble of warped space around their craft enabling them to travel faster than light without breaking any laws of physics inside their ships. This warp travel's speed is dependent upon the class of warp field that a ship can generate, a top-of-the-line cruise ship like The Shining Knight with its Class 1 drive has a maximum real space velocity of around 5,000c. while this may seem incredible, it would still take The Shining Knight well over a year to cross just the 4,500 light year core of the SCU and close two three years to cross the entirety of the SCU. This is due in large part to ships needing to stop to refuel their reactors every so often, a ship like The Shining Knight has no internal refinery and enough fuel to safely travel about 14 days at maximum warp. many ships like Captain Filch's Arctic Heart have speeds of only around 3,500c but much higher fuel capacity. Anyways, Please Enjoy.
+ Prologue + Previous + Next +
Chapter 19
Sweet and Sour
Jessie was standing in his new room on board a starship. He had been on ships before of course, but now he was part of the crew. This was exciting, with a pang of sadness in his heart he wished his momma could have seen him now. Flexing his cybernetic forearms at the unpleasant memory he sat on the edge of his bunk.
The Shining Knight, as he had learned it was called, had large rooms for a ship of its size due to its birth as a passenger liner. This made for very pleasant crew accommodations, he had a decent sized room with a large closet and a personal bathroom with a low intensity shower and multispecies toilet. He was thinking about his choice in decor and how he should go buy some furniture to spruce the place up when he heard a tapping at his door.
Standing quickly, he walked to the door and pressed the button to open the door. He smiled warmly as he saw the feathered form of Creesh peering at him with her bright golden eyes. She was a strange creature, only reaching his lower chest when standing at full height. Her eyes were surrounded with bright red feathers that transitioned to creamy white as they moved down the front of her head and neck. The longer mane of feathers on the back of her head and upper neck were jet black and could be raised and lowered at will to display emotion and context. Her long neck joined her body above her feathered chest, her wings were flexible and capable of swiveling forwards to allow her wingtip graspers to manipulate objects in a wide range around her. She had only three fingers which ended in small blunt claws and her back was covered in longer feathers that tapered down to her tail feathers, which were the same dark black as her neck mane.
As she shifted he could hear the small whir of her bionic legs, her legs were usually covered with dark gray leggings. Jessie found that odd as she had no modesty to preserve that he was aware of, from what he could see of her three toed feet her legs must be covered in yellow scales. Her underbelly that he could see appeared to be the same cream color as the rest of her, but was covered in much finer feathers, almost looking like layered down.
He didn't quite know what to make of this rather intriguing female who seemed to always be in his vicinity. Sure, when he had known her on that pirate haven he had always tried to be respectful, just like his momma had raised him to be. But it seemed that she had taken his kindness to be of a different motive, the only problem was, he wasn't sure that there wasn't some part of him that wanted to see where that road led.
"Oh, hello Creesh, I was just thinking about how I could decorate my place, it's kind of drab, ya know." He said casually.
As always she seemed to hang onto his every work as she replied "It may be barren, but you do a remarkable job of making it feel welcoming." She said quickly before ducking her head slightly and breaking eye contact.
Jessie just smiled and replied "Thanks, that's a really nice thing to say. Hey, I heard we were getting a passenger that is also apparently a fantastic cook. Should we go meet them?" He asked her.
She nodded enthusiastically "If they can cook anything like Lovebug's then that's all the information I need to know."
Jessie stepped past her as he closed the door to his room and stood next to Creesh for a moment before pausing. She looked so adorable standing there in her little chest harness covered in pockets, smiling at her and saying "Shall we?" While gesturing down the metal hall.
Creesh gave a little hop and bobbed her head, Jessie smiled again. She was so energetic and yet at the same time, so reserved. She was an enigma wrapped in a cocoon of soft feathers and erratic movement, and for some reason Jessie found the behavior oddly enticing. It's not like he was some sort of lecherous xenophile or anything. But the more she seemed to try to get his attention, the more of his attention he found himself giving her. If he wasn't careful he might say something regrettable and ruin their budding friendship.
As the two of them walked side by side towards the cargo bay he was struck by the sudden desire to be closer to her, he tried to shove it down and failed. Stepping a little closer without looking at her he saw her turn to look at him out of the corner of his eye, when she made no move to distance herself he took another risk. Looking at her and smiling he extended his closer hand to her palm up and was only a little surprised when she falteringly took it in her own small fingers.
Her grasping fingers were smaller than his, but not dramatically so. To his surprise her fingers were not covered in the same scales as the rest of her exposed flesh, but seemed to be covered in textured skin not unlike his own hands. He supposed that it would make sense for her to have fingerprints like he did.
She looked at her small hand in his for a few long moments before looking up into his face, she stopped and he had to pull up short in order to not pull her from her feet.
"What is this?" She asked him softly. A hopeful look passed over her features and her mane rose in a nondescript way as she searched his alien visage for an answer.
Jessie gazed at her and said "I know what you are thinking. I know, because I'm thinking it too." He offered his other hand to her which she grabbed much more confidently, he knelt on one knee in front of her so as to be at the same height and said "Creesh, when I first saw you, you intrigued me. You weren't like any of the other prisoners, you seemed to see through my bravado and into the core of my being in a way no one else did. I was unable to save you myself, but when Neirdith came and rescued you I knew that I had to find a way to meet you again, just to be sure." He looked down as he awaited her response.
Jessie felt her move a hand from his and a second later it was under his chin, lifting his head. Her eyes met his as she said "I never saw you as a pirate, you were just a scared boy in my eyes. But when I learned what you did during the destruction of that awful place I knew that you weren't just a scared boy. You were brave, and knew what was right. I had hoped that you would be spared but had never dreamed that you would end up here with us, with me."
Jessie moved to stand but she gripped the front of his shirt with surprising strength and pulled him into a kiss, well, a Swanith kiss that is. She pressed her forehead to his and the two shared a deeply intimate moment before he cleared his throat and stuttered "Ah, well, yes. That was unexpected. Was that your version of a kiss?" He asked, blushing slightly.
Fluffing her feathers and bobbing a little she warbled "Yes, what were you expecting, I don't have lips you know." She said, clicking her beak a few times for emphasis. He stood and this time she made no move to stop him.
Rubbing his head he said "Well I guess we are on the same page now. Do you still want to go see what's going on?"
"Yeah, let's go" Creesh said, taking his hand.
A gust of air made Neirdith's hair flutter as she stood at the bottom of the cargo ramp of her ship. The gust had been caused by another ship moving to an adjacent landing pad.
As she moved her eyes back to the near distance she saw the tell tale form of a Vinarfelien moving in her direction. It was always a little unsettling to her to watch them move on their multitude of skittering legs, they moved in a slight side to side motion as they walked and their legs moved in undulating waves instead of all at once.
The large insectoid drew closer and she began to make out some of their finer details. From what she could see they had the distinct curl on the outer edge of their back plates that marked them as male, their carapace bore the evidence of old scars as if they had been in some sort of terrible accident in their past. While Vinarfel molted, deep scars could damage their underlying armour to the point where they stuck around for decades.
As the grizzled looking male scuttled up towards her she again noticed that he was missing the entirety of one of his lower arms, the right one to be precise. Why he hadn't gotten a replacement was beyond her, but it didn't seem to hamper them at all as he walked up to her and bowed slightly.
Raising his armoured head and fixing her with those glittering compound eyes he asked "Captain Neirdith I presume?" When she nodded in affirmation he continued "Permission to board, I don't have many belongings. But may require additional resources to cook efficiently."
Neirdith blinked in surprise, her tail coiling slightly in bemusement she asked "Are you really that willing to act as the ships cook on our journey?"
The Vinarfel cocked his upper body slightly and said "Why yes, cooking is a great passion of mine, and I would like to get to know the crew and their tastes before we depart if possible, that way I may more easily tailor my ingredient requests to more fully satisfy their tastes."
"Okay that seems pretty reasonable. I never got your name by the way?" She asked the newcomer.
They bobbed their antennae in an apologetic way and replied "My apologies, my name is Grendel Kelton. You know my younger brother already." Neirdith stretched out her arm palm up in a traditional Vinarfelien greeting and Grendel slapped her palm with a few of his upper arms. "Ah yes, Briyn did mention that you were a polite one. I will do what I can to earn your appreciation, it is my hope that it will take but one meal to see the value of our temporary arrangement."
Neirdith said "Well, if you were wondering about crew complement, we have A single Nerivith, a Human, a Yeown, and a Swanith. The other two don't eat so it shouldn't be an issue." Grendel nodded and typed on the assistant he was wearing on an arm.
“The dietary needs of a wide variety of species can be accommodated for, I will just compensate by cooking smaller, more diverse dishes.” Grendel said with a nondescript wave.
"I guess that sounds fair enough. I can show you your room if you would like?" Neirdith offered.
As Grendel was beginning to respond, his attention was redirected to something behind her. Turning around she saw Creesh and Jessie walking over to them. As they got closer Neirdith said "Ah, hello, Grendel this is Creesh and Jessie, gals, meet Grendel. This is Briyn's older brother, so I agreed to give him transport to Highland. He has been trained as a high-class chef and has offered to practice his skills during the journey. He might ask you about your favorite foods so as to more accurately tailor his dishes."
With her introduction of him, Grendel turned his focus back to her and said "Thank you, and yes, I would like to put my things away before I inspect the galley. If you would lead the way." As she led him into the ship she looked at Creesh and Jessie.
"I'm going to take Grendel to his room, afterwards he was going to the mess hall to check our supplies, you are welcome to meet us there. I'm sure you could help him with his checks." Neirdith mentioned to them in passing. They seemed to share a look and then they were behind her.
She continued for another moment before motioning to Grendel to walk beside her. He complied with a muted hiss of mirth as he said "Sorry captain, I guess that's my military training coming out of me. I seem to forget that as a civilian I can walk wherever I want to now."
Neirdith glanced at the imposing man before asking "If you don't mind my prying, how long did you serve for?"
Grendel let out another hissing laugh and said "I served for almost three decades before I had finally seen enough to feel good leaving. Military service has always been a big thing in my family. Briyn may not be military, but his job as a security commander is no less important, or any less honorable. I have a great many larvae in service at the moment and my oldest nephew has just enlisted a few months ago." Neirdith raised her eyebrows and kept silent hoping for more.
As Grendel remained silent, she asked "That's impressive, but why did you decide to become a chef after you got out?"
Grendel slowed slightly as they turned down a side hall into the crew area, he reminisced "Now that is an interesting story in and of itself. You may have noticed that I don't have the typical accent that many associate with my people." Neirdith had noticed as they were explaining about their military history but had not remarked on it. He continued saying "After I left the service, I was adrift in the wider galaxy, no purpose and no plans. I distinctly remember sitting in a bar somewhere listening to some Humans arguing with each other angrily. As they got closer and closer to violence the bartender came over to smooth things out and offered them some dish called nachos if they would settle down. Imagine my surprise when they agreed."
Neirdith and Grendel reached his room and stopped outside as he continued his tale "It was about then that I decided that I wanted to have this same seemingly magical ability. You know what drunk humans are like, and here were two, seeming about to trade mortal blows, stopped in their tracks by something as simple as food. Would that I had the same wonderous talent."
Neirdith saw the way his antenna twitched in her direction, almost seeming to beg for a reaction. Smiling, she asked "Now is here you tell me how you learned to cook right?"
"Correct!" He said with a complex gesture only possible due to his multitude of arms. "I searched for a culinary teacher, worthy of my discipline, and after several series of trial and error, I finally located a master chef willing to train me. He was intrigued by my story, and my species. As you may have noticed, there are few if any great Vinarfelien cooks, and my master was determined to make me into a chef worthy of the title, master." He opened the door to his room and pulled a large pack from his back, undoing a series of buckles that had held it tight.
Setting his pack down just inside his room he asked "Shall we journey to my new domain?"
"The mess hall?" She asked him, as he nodded she said "Alrighty, it's just this way."
Walking down the hall and around the corner they entered into the large cafeteria. Grendel cocked his large head back and took it all in at a glance with his compound eyes. "Splendid, this place has the proper feel, let us continue to the preparation chamber."
Neirdith and Grendel walked into the kitchen and she said "I know it's not much, please let me know if there are any machines or contraptions that I can get you. That are not too expensive at least."
"Thank you I will, but this is nice, there is space to move, and I see at least the rudimentary beginnings of a true kitchen here. I shall make a quick list of things to acquire that should be well within your price range." With that he began to scuttle around checking various cupboards and shelves.
As Neirdith walked out of the kitchen she noticed Creesh and Jessie had entered the mess hall and were sitting together at a nearby table. Walking over to them she had to do a double take as she saw Creesh and Jessie were sitting so close as to be touching and had their heads together in apparent deep conversation. She couldn't make out the words but the low buzz of their conversation reached her ears.
"Hey, glad to see you showed up." She said loudly as she approached, Jessie seemed to jump and made to scooch away from Creesh but was dragged back by the fierce little raptor.
Creesh giggled at his expression as Neirdith sat across from them. "So…" Neirdith started, gesturing at them "How long has this been a thing?"
Jessie looked about to deny the implication but was cut off by Creesh. "Jessie and I have been a 'thing' for about twenty minutes now, thanks for asking. Oh and it's going great, before you ask."
"What does Samantha think of this?" Neirdith asked with a tail flick in their direction.
Creesh looked askance and said "Well, I haven't really said anything yet, but she has to have known this was going to happen. Jessie is perfect, there was no way I was letting him slip through my graspers." Jessie blushed scarlet at her brazen words and tried again to scooch away, all this did was drag the ferocious little female with him as she dug into his jacket with her dull claws. "Where do you think you're going?" She giggled at his embarrassment.
"I wasn't going anywhere, I'm just not used to this kind of attention. There wasn't much time for me to look for a girlfriend in the mines and when the pirates got me that was the last thing on my mind." Creesh chirped happily and looked at Neirdith.
"Did you hear that?" Neirdith raised an eyebrow and nodded. "You just called me your girlfriend, it's official now, the captain of the ship witnessed it."
Jessie groaned and tried to hide his face in his jacket as the two females laughed.
"Hey, I heard there was a new guy on the ship, Gloom said he was here with you guys. Oh…" Samantha's voice sounded from the entranceway behind Neirdith.
Samantha walked to the mess hall after Gloom messaged her and told her about the new passenger that had shown up. As she entered the large room she saw Neirdith, Creesh and Jessie sitting at one of the round tables.
She walked over and began "Hey, I heard there was a new guy on the ship, Gloom said he was here with you guys. Oh…" she cut herself off as she saw Creesh and Jessie. Creesh was clinging to him like he was a life preserver and she was drowning, her arms wrapped around his middle and her head on his shoulder, he was red in the face and seemed to be embarrassed by something.
As he saw her his face got even redder and he shifted in his chair. Creesh raised her head and raised her mane in a welcoming way saying "Oh, Hi Samantha, I'm glad you're here, I have exciting news to tell you." Neirdith turned and waved her over.
Feeling a little put out but doing her best to hide it she sauntered over and sat next to Neirdith across from Jessie. She gave him a very flat look that had him squirming again. She lashed her long tail as she switched her view to Creesh and asked politely "Does this news have anything to do with the fact that you haven't spent hardly any time with me recently?"
Creesh looked a little guilty as she released her hold on Jessie and retorted hotly "Yes. Yes it does, and there is nothing wrong with me choosing how to spend my own time." Jessie seemed to be deciding whether to run or hide as he looked between the two of them.
Samantha huffed and said "It's not how you're spending your time, it's who you are spending it with. You know he was working for Medrigil right?" Creesh gasped and raised her mane in anger.
With a much more stern tone she said "Samantha! You of all people should know that being forced to do something against one's will is different from being on the same side. I'm surprised you would even mention it."
Jessie spoke in a small voice "I don't want to cause any trouble, I'm sorry…" but was interrupted by another fierce burst from Creesh.
"No way, you are part of this whether you want it or not, and I already know what you want. Don't think this is entirely your fault, I'm an adult, I knew what I was getting into." Creesh was seething at this point, Samantha saw Neirdith begin to stand to intercede when something entirely different grabbed her attention.
A beautiful smell wafted over her, seeming to melt all of her anger and indignation away with its intoxicating bouquet. Creesh seemed similarly affected as she fell silent and her feathers shifted from anger to puzzlement, and then to pleasure.
"My apologies for the intrusion, but I took the liberty of cooking up a nice Luncheon as a thank you. I figured you would all be here so I made enough for everyone. A grilled steak for the Yeown with a side of roasted tubers in hearty gravy. For the pretty Swanith I made a nice Millibug and Grassstrider crisp, with a sauce of my own invention. For the Human I have made a small savory meatloaf and assorted veggies, try the green beans, perfectly blanched with just a touch of salt. And finally for you captain, roasted diced cow's liver and butter roasted mushroom caps." With each new dish he placed a small feast in front of its designated recipient with one of his many arms.
Samantha's previous thoughts were forgotten as the delightful smell of the food entered her mind. Grabbing the provided eating utensil she cut into the steak and found it as tender as butter, she lifted the piece to her mouth and placed it on her tongue. The spices used to flavor the meat contrasted beautifully with the red taste of the meat itself while simultaneously seeming to enhance its flavor to nearly euphoric levels. As she rumbled in delight she glanced around and saw the others having similar experiences, Creesh was crunching on her sauced bugs while making happy cooing noises and Jessie was murmuring appreciatively. Neirdith was languidly lashing her tail as she speared bits of copper rich liver and bits of buttery mushroom and devouring them like a starving man.
And behind them all the newcomer swayed slightly side to side, seeming to be happy with their collective reactions. Samantha turned her attention back to her food and before she knew it she caught herself licking the empty plate with her long dexterous tongue. Swiping it across her lips she grumbled appreciatively.
Turning to see that everyone else was either done or just finishing up she turned to Neirdith and said "Well, that was something else." Nothing else needed to be said as she nodded her head in agreement.
Neirdith stated "Grendel, that was marvelous, and to think you made that with the things we already had on board, I give you my full authority to order whatever you deem necessary."
Grendel bowed in acceptance as he said "That is all I could have hoped to hear, and to think that was but a teaser of my skill. The things I can create for you, they may make you never desire mundane food again, I must warn you."
Jessie pounded his cybernetic hand on the table and said "By the grace of her luckness, that had to be one of the tastiest meals I can ever remember eating, well ever." Creesh nodded her head as she crunched on her last portion.
As she swallowed she mused "Indeed, I have never tasted such things, that you could do this in so short a time and with limited equipment. I for one hope you stay forever. Tell me, do you know how to make Lovebugs?" She asked. Jessie laughed and Samantha had to smile as well.
Grendel let out a multi toned sigh through his breathing spiracles and said "Yes, this is nice. Do you see what has happened here? All the tension and stress of the day has melted away like butter over warm bread. This is exactly the reason I learned to cook in the first place. Your honest reactions are all the payment I require, they are more telling than all the words you could provide." Grendel made a move to gather the dishes but was stopped by a cybernetic hand.
"No way I could let you do the dishes after you cooked us a meal like that. Allow me to clear the places and take them back. You stay here and relax." Grendel seemed on the verge of arguing before he relented and settled himself next to the table.
Samantha stood and said "There are a few Vinarfelien couches by the wall, I'll go grab you one, it's no trouble." She added quickly as he made a move to dissuade her.
Creesh piped up "You must be thirsty, I'll go get you a glass of water from the kitchen. Be right back." She said as she hopped away.
Samantha heard Neirdith chuckle as Grendel seemed to wave his antennae in embarrassment. He seemed unused to such treatment and indeed was probably more used to being expected to work without breaks for many hours on end. As she dragged the long stool-like chair over to him she smiled as she thought about his words. All of her stress and tension had seemed to melt away, in fact she was feeling really good. A warm full sensation in her stomach and a nose full of nice smells, this was what living truly was. Good friends, good food.
As Grendel thanked her for the seat and lowered himself onto it she sat next to Neirdith again. Creesh returned with the water and handed it to him before sitting across from her again. Looking at her best friend she realised that they were still that, best friends. And best friends are honest with each other.
Deciding to come clean and tell her the truth she began before she lost her resolve she began "Creesh, I'm sorry for being so abrasive about Jessie. I can see that you two are really meant for each other, and I guess I was just scared that you wouldn't have time for me anymore." She admitted in a rush.
Creesh looked at her in a surprised way before replying "I would never dream of leaving you behind Samantha, I will fully admit that I have been avoiding you lately, but it isn't because I didn't want to spend time with you. I was afraid of what you would say if you knew what I was feeling… and for who." Creesh finished quietly.
Samantha felt a pang in her heart as she admitted "Creesh, I see you as the sister I always wish I had. No matter what you do, no matter who you spend your time with, I will always love you. But if he makes you happy, then he makes me happy too." Creesh didn't say anything in response, but her feathered mane told exactly what she was thinking as it fluttered through sadness and joy repeatedly.
Neirdith spoke saying "This is awesome, you two are seeing eye to eye for the first time in a while. And I am glad that you two are still friends. It's that bubbly attitude that makes working with both of you so enjoyable." Samantha tried and failed to hold back tears as she sniffed.
Grendel seemed content to watch the healing take place as he sat by. Samantha smiled at Creesh and got a similar look in return. Just then Jessie came walking back seemingly oblivious to the conversation he had just missed.
As everyone turned their eyes on him he noticed the looks and asked in a surprised voice "Wait, what did I miss?"

==End of Transmission==
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2022.01.20 15:13 rdyaarnb UK lifting restrictions today.. what does this mean for international travel?

I have plans to visit a friend in Austria in March and have a ten hour layover in London. I love the city and haven’t been in a while so I would like to leave the airport, but I know the restrictions have been strict on this so much so that you typically couldn’t even leave the terminal.
I couldn’t find anything on this myself, so does anyone know if these restrictions will be lifted with BoJo’s new announcement today? (I’m vaxxed and boosted btw).
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2022.01.20 15:13 Side_Sea Those bots are getting out of hand. They rejoin after being banned

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