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Troca de prendas

2021.12.07 21:03 InevitablePlate73 Troca de prendas

Caros redditers portugueses,
Pode não ser o sítio certo para pedir a vossa ajuda, mas certamente me insultarão se não for 😁 visto que isto é um sítio cheio de pessoal criativo, e que todos vocês já estiveram certamente nesta situação, solicito a vossa ajuda para escolher uma prenda.
Decidimos, dentro do meu grupo de amigos e primos (tudo à volta dos 28 anos), fazer uma troca de prendas secreta, até um máximo de 5 euros. Não tenho jeito nenhum para estas merdas e ainda por cima calhou-me a namorada do meu primo, com a qual ainda não tenho uma relação de muita proximidade. Contudo, tendo em conta que é uma miúda 5 estrelas e divertida, podem por favor ajudar-me a escolher uma prenda que seja de rir, sem que seja desconfortável?
Muito obrigado e um bom natal para todos 🥳
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2021.12.07 21:03 Mutte_Haede I made the Squidward Hasselhoff and I'm proud

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2021.12.07 21:03 Mydogischop Rottweiler? Or black jaguar? Or bear?

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2021.12.07 21:03 Accomplished-Ask-793 H:Rare apperal and weapons W:Legacy offers

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2021.12.07 21:03 JadaNeedsaDoggie This Heartbeet

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2021.12.07 21:03 TriggerTheFox Help with hangman in specific way? (There's more to the project but I can do the rest, just can't wrap my head around strings atm)

Declare three `String` variables and assign them these example values: `targetWord = "HANGMAN"`, `guess = "A"`, and `current = "__NG__N"`. In addition, declare a `boolean` variable `isCorrect = false`.
- If there is one or more occurrences of `guess` in `targetWord`, replace each occurrence of the `_` character in `current` with `guess`, and set `isCorrect` to `true`. In our example, since `targetWord` is `HANGMAN`, `current` is `__NG__N`, and `guess` is `A`, `current` should become `_ANG_AN` and `isCorrect` should become `true`. You may not use the `replace()` method of `String`.
- Otherwise, `isCorrect` should remain `false`.
Test your code works correctly for other example values of `targetWord`, `guess`, and `current`. You may assume `guess.length() == 1`, `targetWord.length() == current.length()`, `current.indexOf(guess) == -1`, and `targetWord.indexOf("_") == -1`.
Hint: here are two possible approaches to locate all occurrences of `guess` in `targetWord`:
- Use a `for` loop over each character in `targetWord`. For each character in `targetWord`, check whether the character is equal to `guess` and the corresponding character in `current` is `_`
- Use a `while` loop that checks whether `guess` is contained within `targetWord`
And here are two possible approaches to replace the character at index `i` in `current` with `guess`:
- Start with a temporary empty `String` variable, and use a nested `for` loop to concatenate a character from either `current` or `guess` as appropriate
- Obtain the substring of `content` before index `i`, concatenate with `guess`, and then concatenate with the substring of `content` after index `i`
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2021.12.07 21:03 StarsOfGaming Herbert Spencer Hadley: America’s Future President for some time between 1909 to 1927 (We must!) | PSAE

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2021.12.07 21:03 moonlessly [NA/PC/EST] Looking for chill Pub players.

Hey everyone! I'm a 22F from the EST timezone. I switched to PC a little bit ago (level 54 right now, rank is G4) and am looking for friendly people to play casual modes with. It doesn't matter to me what platform anyone else is, XBOX/PS4, I'm happy to play with anyone. Literally just looking for chill people to play with whenever. If anyone would like to play please lmk! My in-game name is really common so you may add the wrong person, it's Luna.
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2021.12.07 21:03 PietDepsi_ Is it clingy to be a little frustrated when your snaps go unopened for days at a time?

Hey everyone, 19M (second year in college) been single for a few months and it's the first time since the first half of high school I've really been single so I'm really not super in touch with how to date and stuff. Anyways I've been using Tinder and going on dates with people I meet irl, and I cannot for whatever fucking reason multiple people just take days to fucking respond on Snapchat, even when they say they're interested and stuff.
Like on one hand, yeah, they have no obligation to. I don't deserve anything just for existing. But people will say they're into me, oh we should hang out! Let's go get coffee! Let's cuddle and watch TV! And when I try to message them at all, I don't get my snaps opened let alone a response for a few days. And it's so confusing and frustrating, because in my mind I see "delivered 1d ago" and I think whatever they're just waiting until I forget about them and they'll ghost me, honestly no big deal I don't even know them, I can move on. But then a few days later I'll finally get a snap back from them, and they're like "hey sorry, I've been busy blah blah blah how've you been yeah I'd love to hang out are you free Friday?" and I'll respond within a few hours and then... nothing for a few more days. Sometimes, if I have something on my story, they'll see it and sometimes they even swipe up and respond to my story! Without opening my message! Why???
I get it. People are busy. I'm busy! This semester has been awful for time management. But I've been actually interested in the people I've been talking to so I make time to respond to them and make plans with them. I totally understand if other people can't or just don't want to make time to at least open my snaps, but why lie about it when you respond days later? If you're going to ghost me then do it.
Am I being unreasonable? Like I feel like I'm being pretty respectful of other people's time. It's not like I'm spamming people with messages and being like "why won't they respond to me" after two minutes. I just have literally no way to gauge our interactions if we don't interact. I can at least understand what opening my snaps and not responding means. This is very frustrating and hard to deal with.
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2021.12.07 21:03 Goldeagle1123 Prince Yasuhito Chichibu, second son of the emperor and educated at Oxford, in Japanese military uniform, circa 1940

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2021.12.07 21:03 nutapjohnson Smite funny montage | WE CAN WIN!!!

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2021.12.07 21:03 SilentlyIronic Probably Trumps fault and only because racism

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2021.12.07 21:03 Fickkissen In Its War on Covid-19, China Calls on ‘Little Inoculated Warriors’

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2021.12.07 21:03 Atlantic0ne I’m looking for help deciding which blower to get for my gas fireplace (attempt #2)

Hey all.
I just made this thread the other day but I didn’t get any replies at all, hopefully I didn’t screw something up.
I’m in a new house I bought and it has a Continental gas fireplace! Pretty happy about it, but no blower. I’ve never bought one before.
I called Continental (a certified retailer, I think) and they said I can buy a blower from them for $360. More than I expected.
I typed the model number in online and found a few different results.
There’s the first one I found and it’s $126, significantly cheaper.
Then here’s one from Amazon for even cheaper than that, $65ish.
I don’t know why my guy maybe says do the $126 one, I guess I’m worried the Amazon one is ultra generic or maybe loud? But I don’t have any indication that the $126 one is better than the Amazon one. They do appear to be different models but both have thermostat on/off automated switches.
If you were me which one would you buy?
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2021.12.07 21:03 Ad8858 I’m so happy that I can crosspost this.

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2021.12.07 21:03 eating_pussymyhobby Future ft. Gucci Mane "All Shooters" (Music Video)

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2021.12.07 21:03 missfeetandfingers Pantyhose’s on or off when you lick my toes

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2021.12.07 21:03 Tricktrick_ Down still

Can anyone in the Houston say what it's like at the moment, and just in general for today with the outage or whatever? Reading about random regions is driving me crazy! I've recently seen a few blocks pop up here and there but they leave so fast I can't tell if they are for today or tomorrow. Anybody see what the warehouses look like as of nowish?
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2021.12.07 21:03 username_311205 I put “dead cels” into an AI generator and this came out

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2021.12.07 21:03 Ok_Smile People that play classic guitar/fingerstyle, is it normal to practice for HOURS so i can play a single line of a tab?

I'm not the most consistent player when it comes to practice, some periods of my life i practice like 2 hours a day for a whole month, some periods i simply stop playing at all for a whole week, sometimes more, but anyway, since i've started playing some classical/fingerstyle pieces, i see myself practicing for hours just to play the equivalent of 30 seconds of a song, in comparison to "regular" songs where sometimes i could learn the whole thing in a couple of hours.
Sometimes to learn a full song it takes a whole month, i've wondering if it's normal or if i'm simply struggling because i'm trying to play songs that are way ahead of my level, since i've started playing fingerstyle i probably learned around 15 songs, and every new song demand a lot of "grinding", i wonder if it's because i don't know anything about music theory, or even if i knew some music theory i would see myself repeating the sheet for a long time anyway, i didn't even memorized the name of the strings yet, i just learned how to read tabs.
As an example, i'm currently learning this one: and it took me like 7 days, practicing like 2 hours everyday to reach the chorus and play the whole thing perfectly, 14 hours of practicing so i can play 1 minute of a piece, this one was particularly hard because i needed to learn how to do the harmonics at the beginning.
This one took me about 3 weeks practing 2 hours a day too, and as you guys can see i'm not playing it perfectly, probably both are like intermediate level i guess, i just repeat the tabs tirelessly until i memorize the whole thing.
Is it normal to be this way? If it's not, any advice on how i could improve faster? I was considering to start taking classes, but i'm not sure if the pratical part and the theory part walk hand in hand or if learning music theory would not necessarily help me to learn new songs faster since is probably my main goal, i don't have much interest when it comes to creating my own stuff.
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2021.12.07 21:03 pomkuri [USA] [H] 407, 419, 422, 424 [W] 401 Summer Tom Nook, 420 Lottie, 421 Niko*(priority). I would like to use first class package with tracking for trading multiple SPs (prefer 2+ cards per trade if possible). LF traders who is also interested in using first class package w/ tracking for exchanges.

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2021.12.07 21:03 Pansey975 Might have cancer again, don’t have to drink over it.

Got news that I have a tumor in my breast and have to get a biopsy, screen for cancer etc. I know people got brought everyday and I’m particularly nervous because I am a seven year survivor of ovarian cancer. I drank through chemo last time around. It can be done but I don’t recommend it.
I’m nearly 18 months sober now and I’ll admit that I wanted to numb out today. I didn’t. I called my boss, my sponsor checked in here and spent the afternoon with friends. This isn’t easy but I am great full that I am not in the hell of a drinking/shame spiral right now.
I will be okay. Worst case scenario I will go through chemo again. I will not let cancer beat me. Please join me in not drinking today.
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2021.12.07 21:03 curiosityv I have face mount inset door hinge - its frameless cabinet - how do I replace it with soft close hinge?

I have face mount inset door hinge - its frameless cabinet I have frameless cabinet - and hinge is old which is face mount inset hinge
I want to replace it with either self close or soft close variety ...
But I have no clue what kind of hinge I should look for ?
Should I look for overlay or insert or overlay or half overlay or something else?
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2021.12.07 21:03 wormhole_alien Does anyone have a Willys tune that will put down a time like this on The Goliath?

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2021.12.07 21:03 tomgleeson28 Embiid, JJJ or keep Mikan at the 5?

I really like Mikan but there are better options on the stretch end and these two caught my eye… 👇
View Poll
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