How do y’all wash your braided solo loops/sport loops?

2021.12.07 21:14 boogeeman69 How do y’all wash your braided solo loops/sport loops?

I’ve heard just to throw them in the wash with your clothes but I’m weary about that. Is it okay to use detergent? Should I dry them?
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2021.12.07 21:14 -Swedish- what are you supposed to do when you are nothing but mammals baby?

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2021.12.07 21:14 leftok OPINION | Why Louisiana should lead the world in Bitcoin mining

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2021.12.07 21:14 chamb0- The Patron Saint of Brewing

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2021.12.07 21:14 StormRel Decorating my tree and encountered a ghost event

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2021.12.07 21:14 stonetear2017 Police brutally arresting people

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2021.12.07 21:14 h-y-p-h-e-n- Funniest, most awkward shit happened today

So one of the profiles I liked on Hinge turned out to be this girl that my roommate is in a casual relationship with. I didn't really recognize her since I've only seen her like 3ish times and I figured out cuz I got a message from the profile saying "Hi it's me roommate name.
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2021.12.07 21:14 Desolane900 The Gladiator: Chapter 4(For Real)

Author's Note
This one will probably be the last for awhile as I'm returning home tomorrow and don't have internet at my house due to bills and destitution. Yippee. That being said, know that this series is not abandoned and will continue when it can continue. Until then, I hope you enjoy what's written from the bottom of my heart. See you space cowboy.
And as for the usual disclaimer(read "trigger warning"), this series will contain violence, slight subjective torture, intentional philosophical mistakes, poor thought processes, modern references, in-character opinions, satirical political comments, nods to the 4th wall, opinion pieces in the name of comedy, foul language, and viewpoints/input from characters that shouldn't be taken as my own, told from the view of one or more flawed narrators.
Chapter 1 can be found here:
Chapter 1
Chapter 3 can be found here(I'm aware I messed up the number):
Chapter 3
As usual, Chapter 5 will be here, and at the end, when it's made:
[Chapter 5]
The Gladiator
A 'Space is an Ocean' Story
Chapter 4
Endurance Hunting
The human stood in the center of the colosseum with his arms held high, holding a mandible in one hand and the cardboard head of the train sized centipede in the other, a hole punched clean through it with the tip of the other mandible poking through the bottom. The rest of the corpse was lying behind him, thankfully curled up in the opposite direction, and finally still.
The onlookers were torn. Some were very obviously upset and throwing concessions that wouldn't make it into the arena itself due to some forcefield, others still were elated at watching a hairless primate behead a giant bug with its own tooth.
The buzzer had rung moments ago but he was busy basking in the mixed reception. 'Good.', he thought, 'I hope you bastards hate losing your bets.'
Before, he'd just gone wherever he was told to go. Now? Now he was standing around basking in the glory of pissed off spectators losing their money.
"You bet against the wrong man!", he called out to no one in particular, slowly rotating and making a point to give them a spiteful laugh. He wasn't even mildly embarrassed by the fact he was shaking with fear. Not one bit. Totally.
A second buzzer rang out and the announcer said something about a lion and judgements. Then the door slammed shut and cages began rising from the sand. He couldn't help but feel he'd overstayed his welcome when the voice called out to place bets.
The cages contained cougar sized fish monsters. And there were dozens of them.
A moment passed and the buzzer rang out before the cages exploded and they were upon him.
He blocked the first one leaping at him with his makeshift shield before stabbing at it with his makeshift knife. He missed and caught claws down his back. He felt hot liquid but no pain, unsure if it was blood or not, he simply swung his arm backwards and caught the fish cat in the shoulder, causing it to limp away, still facing him
He managed to stab another in the thigh area while it caught his leg. That was when he realized the liquid wasn't blood as his back began to burn.
Like a sunburn, his skin stung and felt bubbly. His targets he stabbed circled him until collapsing into the sand and writhing in agony. 'Definitely venom', he thought as he watched the blue striped catfish foam at the gills and scratch at nothing, the foam rapidly turning bloody. He was thankful the centipede didn't pierce the skin.
A buzzing sound from behind made him quickly turn, earning him another slash across the asscheek from one of the dozen bobcat angel fish. He grunted in annoyance and kicked the bastard that got him, feeling a satisfying crunch beneath his foot.
The buzz came from one roaring atop the centipede corpse. It jumped down at him and rebounded off his shield, getting a stab in the neck for its trouble.
He winced as the places he got slashed by the claws started to burn and get red in the sun. The remaining pack of monsters getting a bit more cautious and only taking swipes of opportunity. Before long, his entire body was boiling in the heat and he felt his energy getting sapped by the stinging across his flesh.
Unfortunately for the catfish, he could do this all day.
Ready! Set! PANIC!
Burj'd'ajam watched the spectacle with as much amazement as reasonably could be expected from a Pit Boss.
That is, suffice to say, surprisingly a lot. Normally he'd pay little mind to the fights. After all, he was setting them up and knew the odds better than any spectator with their back alley bootlegged chance algorithms to tell them who or what had the best odds. The odds for him were always correct.
Except at this moment, they were very fluid and, to top it off, his claw had developed a habit of nonstop self soothing, clicking across the spines dotting his shell. The spiked primate was getting higher and higher odds the more was thrown at him. He'd already fought the giant worm, a tenth of a unit's worth of those predatory aquatic felines full of venom, a pair of dire hounds, and lastly, the current fight, an excruciatingly rare mutating bog slime that was suffocating the primate beneath its liquid mass yet he broke free and was busy hacking it to pieces with the mandible he looted from the worm.
Burj needed some way to make this thing lose before the spectators started betting entirely on it. He needed some way out of this mess.
He scanned through his databases and tried to find something, anything, that could halt this fiasco of a fight.
Lana'kt'ujam: <[Burj, I need to speak to you about the primate.]>
He ignored the message from the other Banzoran. She could wait. She had to. She'd know he was doing it, of course but-
Lana'kt'ujam: <[Burj! Why is it spiked!?]>
'Incessant female nagging!', he cried out in internalized despair.
Burj'd'ajam: <[Why is what spiked?]>
'Stupid! She won't buy that! Just distract her until I can kill it. Occupy her until it's dead. Kill it before it drains every last-'
Lana'kt'ujam: <[The primate you assigned me to! You know it can't get an augment after-]>
Burj'd'ajam: <[That won't be a concern! I'm killing it now! Er.. Trying to!]>
Lana'kt'ujom: <[Trying to!? Burj, have you seen this thing!? It's built to stay alive!]>
Burj'd'ajam: <[You don't think I know that? Oceans deep, you're worse than SA. Apparently it's also built to kill every last damned thing I throw at it.]>
Lana'kt'ujom: <[What have you gotten yourself into now?]>
He wondered the same thing as the gladiator finally found the bog slime's heart and tore it out, holding it in the air to the crowd's amusement and vomiting up quite the substantial amount of purple striped muck into the sand.
Burj rushed to find a replacement as the primate held itself up on its knees and breathed heavily. He couldn't give it a moment of respite.
He used his augments to connect to the Chixin Twins.
Burj'd'ajam: <[Get as prepared as you possibly can and get up to the pit. Kill this damned ape before it runs us into poverty.]>
Chi: <[The message is received. Prepare for trouble.]>
Xin: <[And make it-]>
Burj'd'ajam: <[We don't have time for your nonsense! Get up here and pulp this monkey!]>
Burj groaned beneath the cover of the crowd cheering on the ape. He was done being a bashful little twerp at least. The Banzoran wouldn't have any dorsal spikes left by the time he was done rubbing a claw over them.
Death & Taxes
Ash left the Inspection Agents to their work. He had no further use standing around a dead pirate ship. They'd tow it back to port and disassemble it at a safe distance. Probably boobytrapped. And who knows when that massive dead man's singularity would implode?
Good riddance. The felinid had better things to worry about. The locals knew his destination as That Sand Ball, but Astrological Survey 16041200 was its official designation. He didn't care which someone called it, it didn't strike him as either.
The colloquial name was due to a much earlier version of the planet. Being a hotspot for all sorts of activities, including blood sports, it filled up quickly. As of recently, it was covered in toxic smog, dreary gray skies, constant acid rain, and highrises one could comfortably land a ship on. Sand was a bit obsolete.
He knew about the blood sports. The tax evasion. The innumerable other crimes constantly being committed. It was The Fringes. Anything goes out here. Anything can happen. This far from civilized space, it was better to keep his mouth shut and his badge hidden. At least until he finds where that pirate ship emptied the smuggled Ambers.
Ash wasn't a fool. He'd been on the job for most of his life. One doesn't just stumble across a ship of dead and dying pirates, the same ship spotted leaving a quarantined system, and come to find that the bastards would rather get erased from existence than let their augs get plugged.
That didn't smell right.
The trajectory might have been jackknifed to hide their exit system but particle trails don't lie. Vacuum is empty. Flows with the galactic rotation, sure. Certain spots are thicker than others. Like a sea of dust floating on wind currents, the particles tell a long story. Especially when those particles are fusion waste and the cosmic winds haven't carried them off yet.
And this particular trail led the Inspection Agent straight into the loving arms of one of the biggest hotbeds for criminal activities in the entire quadrant.
The hard part wasn't finding the ship, picking up on the trail, or hell, even finding the planet.
The hard part was going to be finding a ship big enough to drag all these damn lawbreakers toward the core. Alternatively, he did have enough ammunition to match two to one for every last living soul on That Sand Ball. He hoped he wouldn't be forced to use any of it. He also hoped he was proven wrong for once.
Bug Slayer Two, Electric Boogaloo
Saul was ready to leave now. After almost drowning in mud monster, he was really regretting his decision to gloat over a centipede.
The sun dropped out of the sky unnaturally quickly, leaving him in darkness with only the cheering and howling around him. He stumbled in the sand and ran to where he last saw his shield, still clutching the mandible knife, now splintered to a point. All the better for stabbing with, my dear. Only he didn't feel much like the big bad wolf. He'd already killed two of those.
He could smell the multitudes of blood on himself and sweat that mixed with the battery acid scent of the catfish poison coating his skin. At least most of it got swallowed off when he was eaten by the muck monster, so now his entire body only kinda stung like hell.
He found his shield and lifted it easily, straining his ears for anything making a sound beneath the crowd cheering for blood. Hadn't he given them enough already?
The sound of one of the doors groaning open could be heard across the arena from him and a moment passed before a spotlight from nowhere illuminated the pair of insect people he saw back in the barracks, both walking out and each carrying their own weaponry.
The one on the right held a shield and some sort of sword, while the other was holding one of the terrifying spears. Shit.
They waved at the crowd as they meandered out into the arena, the door closing behind them. They seemed to be soaking up the fanfare as the entire colosseum got a bit brighter to leave the field of sand, blood, and corpses, in a dim twilight. The pair of ant men seemed to focus on him, their antenna twitching, then broke into a sprint towards him. Well, what appeared to be a sprint but in actuality was more of a fast paced jog or light run. They were really trying though.
"World of cardboard. World of cardboard.", he muttered as he readied his dagger and shield, bouncing on his feet as he waited for the duo to tire themselves with the run over to him. 'Why did they have to be bugs, damnit!?'
The one with the sword drew closest and swung for his head, which he ducked and sidestepped the spear driven towards his gut. 'So it was gonna be that kind of fight.', he thought, remembering Xyx's words about aiming for the head. He kicked at the swordsman and was blocked by the shield. Unfortunately for the bug boy, his arm wasn't so sturdy, and snapped in half. The shield fell to the sand with a quiet thunk and Saul was in the process of bending down to grab it before the spear caught his chin and left a deep gash that spilled his blood across the sand.
With a curse he jumped backwards from the reverse yank of the pointed triangle meant for his neck, standing up straight and blocking another swing from the sword, which buried itself in his shield and yanked it out of his hand. Crumby mandible grip.
Now defenseless and armed only with a shattered mandible, he knew he had to think fast and move faster. He ducked as the sword swung over his head, carrying the ant with it. He spun to face the swordsman, raising his arms to do battle.
And completely forgot there were two of them.
He felt a harsh shove from behind and his mouth twisted into a sneer. Then he tasted blood and found it difficult to breathe.
Looking down, the spear was sticking out of his gut. Again. This time, entering in his back and exiting through the front.
"Damnit.", he heard himself say, his voice sounding wet and thick with fluid. Only this time, instead of the world becoming a blurry mess of ringing and tunnel vision, everything seemed to get clearer. The pain was dulled by so much adrenaline pounding through his body that he could hear his heart beating slow and loud in his ears.
One. Two. One. Two.
He spotted the sword bug shifting and shoved backwards, his chest exploding into searing white hot pain as the shaft of the spear slid deeper, adjusting where his ribs should be comfortably seated. Right on cue came the sword, which he figured would come eventually.
He watched a spray of blood come out of his mouth as a cough jumped up out of him.
One. Two.. One.. Two..
The man leaned forward and bowed his head, pushing down on the spear in his chest with his forearms. It was getting even harder to breathe.
One.. two... One.. two..
The bug in front of him stepped forward, kicking up sand and trying to halt his swing as the human leaned further, pulling the bug behind him. Too late for take backs.
one… Two. one... two..
The head of the bug behind him rolled onto the sand at his feet. He could see where it'd been chopped clean in half. The crowd didn't seem to react. Or he wasn't hearing them anymore. He couldn't hear much of anything really.
He looked up as his arms shot out, one grabbing the bug by the shoulder while the other stabbed it in the chest, both pulling it towards him in a desperate embrace. His face was twisted in spiteful hate.
one... two...
The spear slid into its midsection and kept going, not even budging. Like a hot knife through butter. It kept coming closer as momentum carried him forward with the beheaded bug body falling towards him, making the motion unavoidable. And unstoppable.
one.. Two...
His heartbeat took up every sense he had. He could hear nothing else. He could feel only the bomb going off slowly in his chest. Sometimes there was less gunpowder loaded. Sometimes it took a bit longer than expected to go off. He really didn't like the taste in his mouth, but he had something to do. What was..? His hands reached up. They seemed to remember.. They grabbed the cold basketball. He was playing basketball? And then they lifted..
one... two...
t w o…
o n e…
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2021.12.07 21:14 NimsMitHumor Best entry level Ethereum/Solidity Courses

Hi Guys and Galls
I recently got super interested in crypto, smart contracts and especially ethereum based blockchain technology. I have limited coding knowledge in python and r but nothing serious. I was never really fussed about learning it as I never really saw the point/passionate about anything I would want to do with it however now its different I see the potential of this tech and I want to learn. Any help in choosing an entry level eth or web3 course?

Thanks for your help
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2021.12.07 21:14 Must_Be_Freakin_Nice Question(s) for Part 91 dispatcher/ schedulers.

Hi all, just trying to get some insight on what is normal/ expected in this field. Thanks for anything you can provide.
1) what is your aircraft to scheduler ratio? 2) how many trips/ month do you manage on average? 3) do you manage and conduct all your contract pilot/ flight attendant hiring when they’re needed? 4) do you process/ submit flight/ leg/ trip accounting for all your trips? 5) do you complete and submit personal expense reports for pilots? 6) do you arrange ground transportation related to trips you scheduled? 7 do you process month end accounting for your aire craft?
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2021.12.07 21:14 visualsno I do not have a college degree yet and I am disabled. Is there any way I can make some money from home to pay for my medical treatments?

Even if it is little money, everything is useful.
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2021.12.07 21:14 Zaares I'm 20. Should I replace those two teeth or hope they will move on they own? If I get implants, will the implants expand as the rest of the teeth?

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2021.12.07 21:14 esimp18 Location map for plans in Autocad

Does anyone have an easy way to create location maps for plans (by location map i mean a small map in the top right corner of plans that shows the roads near the project, basically google maps). I have tried getting maps from online and then scaling it and aligning it to the project, but thats a huge hassle. Ive also tried using the autocad geolocation feature but theres multiple issues with that. I asked the autocad community and they dont know what a location map is so they couldnt really help.
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2021.12.07 21:14 Dancing_Box172 Should selling weed be legal?

It's insane how weed dealers get more time in prison than fucking child molesters, fucked ass justice system, it shouldn't even be illegal to sell weed, it's not like they're selling heroin.
View Poll
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2021.12.07 21:14 leftok Crypto Market Rebound: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin Gain More Than 6%

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2021.12.07 21:14 ianpineda19 Season 3 confirmed

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2021.12.07 21:14 ytismylife Druddigon on us 2248 7098 8680 or 9105 5831 5312 adding 10

Add one, starting ASAP
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2021.12.07 21:14 Wolvertoon Redditors who live near a beach, where do you vacation?

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2021.12.07 21:14 leftok Almost $12,000 wiped off value of bitcoin in weekend ‘thumping’

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2021.12.07 21:14 LOVABLE4125 What's the craziest theory you have that you can't prove?

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2021.12.07 21:14 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Florida National Guard troops train Ukraine's military as Russian forces mass on the border | Washington Times

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2021.12.07 21:14 ifnotathenbbutnotc I graduated! 39+3 with a midnight (12:15 am) water break. This was the scariest, most heart wrenching experience of my life. My wife is a fucking rockstar! I’ve never felt fear and heartache like I did watching my wife give birth to our child.

I graduated! 39+3 with a midnight (12:15 am) water break. This was the scariest, most heart wrenching experience of my life. My wife is a fucking rockstar! I’ve never felt fear and heartache like I did watching my wife give birth to our child. submitted by ifnotathenbbutnotc to predaddit [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 21:14 Magoo1522 Schrodinger #Kitty Dinger ELON MUSK'S CAT MEME COIN!!!! TIME TO APE IN!

Schrodinger #Kitty Dinger ELON MUSK'S CAT MEME COIN!!!! TIME TO APE IN!
Schrodinger #KittyDinger is a meme project named after Elon Musk's cat. It's not just a meme, It has amazing Utilities, like: Multi-chain wallet, Launchpad, Gaming Metaverse ZOO and Charity. Team is KYC'ed with Assured defi, currently sitting at $14,080,455 Marketcap.
This coin is absolutely perfectly geared to make a huge run, DO NOT MISS OUT!
Less than 2 weeks ago, they announced a partnership with 9GAG, 9GAG's official twitter liked the announcement post...
Yesterday, they Released a Preview of their KITTUP WALLET which is planned to be released mid DECEMBER : LINK BELOW
KittUp Wallet Features. This article describes the features and… | by Schrodinger - $KITTY DINGER | Dec, 2021 | Medium
Huge marketing push is starting this week, Dont wait long to ape in!

✅- Developing a Metaverse P2E GAME & Multichain Wallet
✅- Partnership with @9GAG
✅ - SIGNED with @davidgokhshtein media marketing company
✅- Listed on Hotbit + another CEX Listing soon
✅ -Massive partnerships TBA
✅1,000,000,000,000 One Trillion Total Supply
✅Kitty Tax
✅2% Redistribution
✅2% development
✅5% marketing wallet
✅1% liquidity
Launchpad platform Exchange listing Billboard Marketing Marketing Campaign
Contract 0x2C33B28527A63Cdf13C0B24Ce4cf5BF9C9fB3BC6
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2021.12.07 21:14 imathrowaway0987 Help with Non-US binance account!

Hi reddit! I need some help! I had a binance account in 2017 that I forgot about until recently as I'm getting back into cryptocurrency. I know that US users transferred to I don't think I ever did. I just tried logging in to and it gets to the page where I have to use a verification code that they send to my phone, but I never receive anything. I've been using a VPN just to login to the regular website and check my coins are still there. I have a hardware wallet now and I'm trying to withdraw my coins to that. There is a 0.06 BTC max daily withdrawal. If I do this, I will be paying roughly 10% in fees every time I have to withdraw (which would have to be several times) so I don't want to do that.
Is there any way to get around the limit/move my coins out? I am super paranoid to try and increase my withdrawal limit (it forces me to verify my identity and notices that I am from US using VPN), I don't know what would happen to my coins. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.12.07 21:14 NewsElfForEnterprise Investors are grappling with how limited the next set of Fed interest rate increases may be

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