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The more important the topic of a subreddit, the less likely the subscribers are to read through a post in earnest

Get the latest headlines on Wall Street and international economies, money news, personal finance, the stock market indexes including Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and more. Be informed and get ahead with ... AP Democrats plan to run on pro-abortion agenda. NEW YORK — Vulnerable Democrats from Nevada to New Hampshire are promising to make abortion a centerpiece of their political strategy heading into the midterm elections, betting that an intense focus on the divisive issue can rally their voters to beat back a red wave and preserve their narrow majorities in Congress. As information technology’s power and ubiquity have grown, its strategic importance has diminished. The way you approach IT investment and management will need to change dramatically. Jim Gaffigan’s trademark style is returning to the stage in Comedy Monster, set to hit on December 21.This is the comedian’s first stand-up special of the year, ninth of his career, and sixth ... Create an account to read 2 more. ... It’s important to think through how consumers will perceive the social purpose a brand is considering. ... people buying performance shoes are more likely ... Edgar Allan Poe (/ p oʊ /; born Edgar Poe; January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849) was an American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic.Poe is best known for his poetry and short stories, particularly his tales of mystery and the macabre.He is widely regarded as a central figure of Romanticism in the United States, and of American literature.Poe was one of the country's earliest ... Hi all. My wife and I are in our late 50’s and connect wonderfully in all ways. We enjoy our company, share similar hobbies, have a lovely family and house, like to travell together, share chores ( I make a gourmet breakfast every Sunday) don’t really have financial issues apart from the normal stress episodes, and above all we love each other dearly or at least we say it all the time!

2021.12.07 22:00 sbr_then_beer The more important the topic of a subreddit, the less likely the subscribers are to read through a post in earnest

Let's take two extreme examples:

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2021.12.07 22:00 saarnav Asus Maximus IX Extreme without the included waterblock?

So I got a Maximus IX Extreme mobo from a friend but without the water block. Can I still use my Thermaltake AIO to cool my 6700k? I heard something about no heatsinks for the vrm but I was unsure of how important it was. Thanks.
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2021.12.07 22:00 convnetto How can I use a UNet architecture if my input is not a square image?

I’m having shape issues after my pooling layers because the size of my input images is not a square.
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2021.12.07 22:00 TreeSrJr Why are my Medium tanks not being used for my divisions?

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2021.12.07 22:00 IFuckingLoveTahdig (Meta) First time here, listened to Violet Cold's "Pride". I am confused about what "AI Simulated" means.

Is this all artificial? Someone programs the music, vocals and lyrics, and the system just makes this sound?
For the record I listened to "Pride" and loved it, very weird hearing clean vocals with blast beats, but it's very unique.
I just don't understand what it means to be an 'ai simulated' band. Thanks!
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2021.12.07 22:00 monkeykiller14 TIL the US and the British Empire almost went to war in 1859 over the death of a pig. The pig's owner demanded a 100$ payment (3332.40$ today) and the result was almost the imprisonment of a US citizen that led to the escalation.

TIL the US and the British Empire almost went to war in 1859 over the death of a pig. The pig's owner demanded a 100$ payment (3332.40$ today) and the result was almost the imprisonment of a US citizen that led to the escalation. submitted by monkeykiller14 to todayilearned [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 22:00 Green_Engineer_391 I 26F did an EEG & QEEGT almost a year ago and the only thing I was told in my appt was "You have theta waves" and someone else said something about brain tumor, I have been confused the whole year because there's more info in the eeg and I don't know what it means.

Hi, can someone please help me read this tests, (link above) and help me have more clarity about what my results really mean?
Neurologist's comments on the EEG documents:

Also I sort of tried to relax as to not be too nervous during the scan so I don't know if I screwed it because of that?

I'm a 26yo female and did this test in January. I went to a psychiatrist because I was feeling overwhelmed by hyper fixation in certain thoughts for a few months before going, this whole thing started because I pushed my limits to face new social situations, so I was constantly reading too much about literally anything trying to make sense of my stressful sensations. This intense researches of mine made me lose touch with reality that would only last from a few seconds to 5 to 10 min max, and I would snap out of them rationalizing they were just thoughts, but the anxiety & overthinking persisted. I just got prescribed some meds for a few months and that's it, no more explanations and I believe I was diagnosed too soon (in second session, they last 30 mins sometimes even less). There aren't that many specialists in my area so I'm left with this huge confusion and it's stressing me not to know what the other comments in my EEG mean.

TLDR; Psychiatrist told me that from my EEG scans I had "Theta waves that only old people have" and that was it, no more explanations. Another specialist in an informal appt told me a story about brain tumor and that was it. I'm so confused right now and would like someone to help me read this tests.
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2021.12.07 22:00 Nextdoor_naughty Yoto

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2021.12.07 22:00 Vancouver-Islander Do you think American work culture to be a significant factor in the divorce rate of the U.S. in the past decades?

The level of wage slavery in the U.S. is straight-up bad enough to destroy marriages and families without some of them having a fighting chance.
Major education & medical debts? Check.
No parental leave? Check.
Must have multiple jobs to survive? Check.
No vacation time? Check.
Burnout? Workplace abuse? Check. Check.
Can you imagine how much better marriages and families in America would be if these things weren't happening?
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2021.12.07 22:00 workwithvisa Senior Frontend Engineer - HR Management (m/f/d) at Personio (München, Germany)

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2021.12.07 22:00 Bishime Guest requesting refund. What do you think?

A guest was apparently having issues finding the place. They never messaged or called as far as I know until the next evening though we were available the entire day and night asking for a refund for their stress. Mainly because the address and everything is on the listing as well as we were available but they didn’t try to contact. Im not sure how I feel about issuing a refund.
I’m not closed minded to it either. I’m just not sure an issue that could have been resolved in seconds if the guest had reached out (Even after we checked in with them to see how things were going). I don’t want a negative review but also was available to help the entire day so I’m not sure the best way to handle. What are your thoughts? Obviously hosts and guests opinions/perspectives are welcome and appreciated :)
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2021.12.07 22:00 dragon_6666 Roses are red, I’ll never give in

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2021.12.07 22:00 jococi99_ What made you feel genuine happiness and gratitude?

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2021.12.07 22:00 EatinApplesauce Fly

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2021.12.07 22:00 Ranrcmp Honestly google what I’m googling is dark enough already

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2021.12.07 22:00 alyssalizette Chicken Alfredo with cheesy garlic bread and a huge side salad 😝 why are carbs when you have the munchies? 😖

Chicken Alfredo with cheesy garlic bread and a huge side salad 😝 why are carbs when you have the munchies? 😖 submitted by alyssalizette to munchies [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 22:00 crcklogic2030 Keep getting rugged? Still loosing Money? Find only the best shitcoin calls and make PROFIT everytime in our telegram group!

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2021.12.07 22:00 cisnerosmtz Templo de Guadalupe

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2021.12.07 22:00 Electronic-Contest53 READY OR NOT? /.-)

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2021.12.07 22:00 pimpek321 Does running out of ZRAM write data to disk? Or does the PC just run out of memory completely?

Really simple question but I need to know for security reasons. There's a certain app that works best without swap, so I'm just wondering if zram has the same pitfalls.
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2021.12.07 22:00 VanDenIzzle [DeColdest Crawford] After Careful Consideration and long talks with family , I would like to reopen my recruitment,and De-commit from LSU. Thanks !! 💪🏾

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2021.12.07 22:00 DeeEm101 'Tis The Season

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2021.12.07 22:00 ZzporteX Nikocado Navideño PAL DILAN

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2021.12.07 22:00 m3s0th3li0ma Why do people sabotage their relationships?

I'm currently in a relationship with someone who has sabotaged almost all their past relationships with friends and significant others. I think I've been seeing signs of them sabotaging themself a lot over the 6 months we've been dating and I'm worried. Does anyone know why people do this? I need to know if it's something that can be helped.
For some context, the sabotage that I've seen is stuff like deciding to not eat food, resisting professional help(during therapy sessions), not drinking enough water, and being aggressive towards people often and sometimes for no clear reason. They are also suicidal and depressed.
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2021.12.07 22:00 datAmit woodworking bit library?

Hi all! I'm just coming up to speed on using my 3018prover to do some woodworking. So I downloaded a library of the Sainsmart bits, which have "default material" only. I'm looking for a library that also has roughing and finishing presets specified so that I know what the tradeoff should be. Is there anything like that?
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